Smart Locks For Doors

Keyless entry door locks are an innovation in smart home technology.


What are smart door locks?

Put simply, a smart door lock is a lock for the door of your home, office, restaurant or other establishment. It allows and prevents access just like the door lock you currently use. However, the smart door lock means that the lock can be controlled over the Internet via an app, using computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This Internet control of physical items in the home such as doors, lights, alarm systems, heating systems, kitchen appliances is part of a digital revolution happening right now know as the Internet of Things (IOT).


The advantages of this technology may not be immediately obvious.
It is easy to think “My door is opened or locked using my key, why would I want anything else”? Well, what about all those times you had to take a day off from work to accept a parcel delivery, or had friends arrive at your home for a social meetup when you were stuck in traffic and they had to wait for you. Or your husband/wife called you at work saying that they had forgotten to take the spare set of keys and so are locked out. In all of these instances, a Smart door lock would solve the problem with just a few button presses on the app. So leave the historical use of locks behind and upgrade your home security and your life.

Many large manufacturing companies such as Xiaomi and Conexis have started to offer these smart door lock products so this is for sure going to be a growth market.


5 reasons to upgrade your deadbolt lock today.

  • Smart lock App

    No more lost or mislaid keys, as long as you have your phone (and who ever really leaves the house without their smartphone?) then you open the lock via the app.

  • Remote access to visitors

    Give remote access to visitors while you are away. If friends or deliverymen or workmen such as plumbers arrive at your home, you can just set a temporary keycode for the lock and they can access your home.

  • Bragging rights

    They are pretty cool, we all love technology (particularly the millennial generation) and we all like to show that are keeping up with the times.

  • Inbuilt burglar alarm

    Inbuilt burglar alarm, smart locks come with an inbuilt intruder alarm. If someone has tried to access your home by trying to guess the keycode or force the lock, it will send a notification to the app on your phone.

  • Airbnb landlords and other vacation and holiday rentals

    This one is going to be a huge deal for the growing Airbnb market. In the past landlords renting out rooms or entire homes usually have had to be present to check-in the guests. Now, with smart door lock, they can just set a code for the front door specifically for each guest and also see via the app when that guest has arrived and accessed the property. When that guest checks out, the access code is deleted and will no longer work.